Best 5 VPS Hosting Providers

Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans are somewhere between shared and dedicated hosting. It is similar to shared hosting, because multiple VPS plans share the same physical server. VPS resembles to dedicated servers also because each plan has its own allocated server resources.

Virtual Private Servers are mostly used by web developers, web design agencies who manage clients’ websites or companies that need a more reliable and secure option for their medium sized websites, online shops or web applications.

A great feature that VPS server has and shared hosting is missing is the customization. While shared plans are pretty limited, with a VPS plan you can customize both hardware and software. You can choose the number of cores, CPU speed, amount of RAM, storage and monthly bandwidth. You can also choose the operating system (Linux or Windows), you can set the web server as you wish (Apache, Ngnix, Microsoft IIS or other), choose database type (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL or other) and opt for a control panel if you want (cPanel, Plesk, WebAdmin or other).

Although customization of VPS plans are a great feature, in my opinion the best in a VPS hosting is that you grant full root access to your server.

Best Virtual Private Server Companies

Company Price Starting At
inmotion best vps hosting
$29.99 / mo
bluehost vps hosting plans
$29.99 / mo
arvixe affordable vps hosting
$40.00 / mo
hostgator reliable virtual private server hosting
$19.95 / mo
greengeeks professional wind powered virtual private servers
$39.95 / mo

How to Choose a VPS Plan?

When choosing a Virtual Private Server plan, is important to know your allocated budget and hosting needs. Your technical skill is also an important factor. While managed VPS plans come with full support and installed software by the hosting company, unmanaged servers are blank.

When renting a managed VPS hosting package, the LAMP stack will be setup by the hosting provider (operating system, web server, database and script language). The company takes care also of security patches and software upgrades. You will be in touch with the company’s staff and can request special modifications to the server or custom software installation. The system administrator will do it for you.

In case of unmanaged VPS, you will be responsible for installing and maintaining the LAMP stack. You will have to deal with purchasing licenses for software, configure the server, updating software, making the server secure and so on. An unmanaged VPS plan cost less than a managed, but if you don’t have the knowledge and time to take care of your server I recommend paying a bit more and purchase a managed plan.

VPS hosting can also be used as reseller account. If you plan to sell web hosting under your brand, you should definitely choose a managed virtual server that runs on cPanel/WHM. The cPanel control panel can be customized and allows you to create multiple hosting plans that are sold to your clients.

What are Cloud VPS Plans?

The only difference between regular VPS and Cloud VPS plans is the scalability. On a normal VPS account you have access to a certain amount of server resources and files are stored on one physical server.

In case of Cloud VPS plans the server resources are driven from the cloud network on demand. Files are stored across the cloud so if your server become unavailable for any reason, your website will still run without problems.

Here are two reliable hosting companies that offer a wide range of cloud VPS hosting plans:

Best Cloud VPS Providers

Company Price Starting At
a small orange virtual cloud hosting servers
$20.00 / mo
hostnine cloud vps hosting plans
$13.99 / mo

In the following I will quickly go through each hosting company offers and will check which the best VPS hosting plans are for you.

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Thanks for the nice tips. Along with them, when choosing a VPS hosting plan, people need to think about where is their target audience located. For example, if they target visitors from the USA, then they should choose a host, that has servers in this country, so the speed will be faster. Of course, they need to optimize their website, so it can load more quickly, and they can also choose a plan with SSD storage.

Zero of the top tier cloud providers? This is just an affiliate page masquerading as information.

thank you for sharing.I have a started a new business, which is VPS hosting is better normal or cloud VPS hosting?

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