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Want to learn how to create your own website? Are you curious how servers works and what is web hosting? Want to become a better online entrepreneur and improve your marketing and SEO strategies? This section is great for beginners who are just starting their first website as well for experienced webmasters who want to evolve.

In this category you will find tutorials, guides and news from the web hosting, website building, marketing and other related industries. Stay tuned!

build successful blog

How to Build a Successful Blog in 2018?

To some, a blog may seem a simple tool that helps you spread your thoughts with the world, but in reality, a blog is much more than that – it’s a great way to drive more organic traffic to your website, it can be a marketing platform for your products,… Read More »

what is cms

What is a CMS? Introduction to Content Management Systems

CMS stands for Content Management System, and as its name implies it manages content. Content can be of any kind, blog posts, forum posts, pages, images, audio, video, attachments, events, products, and so on. A CMS can be any application that allows you to manage content, but today, most of… Read More »

how to speed up your joomla website

11 Useful Tips to Speed Up Your Joomla Website

A fast Joomla website is essential, no one wants to wait for content loading; people need everything immediately. Also speed is an important factor in Google’s eyes, when it compiles the Search Result Pages (SERPs), speed is considering as a key factor. There are many ways to speed up your… Read More »

wordpress theme frameworks

Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Theme Frameworks

A WordPress Theme Framework is actually a parent theme with a special dashboard and with child themes, options and plugins included. You can consider a Theme Framework as a Design Management System because you are using it to manage your website’s design. Initially, theme frameworks were created for theme developers… Read More »

building online shop with oscommerce

Building Your Online Shop with osCommerce

osCommerce shopping cart platform that can be installed on any PHP web server which also uses a MySQL database because it is an open source cross-platform software. It does not matter if the server runs on Mac OX X, Windows or Linux. However, it must have a couple of features such… Read More »

basic guide to wordpress seo

Basic Guide to WordPress Search Engine Optimization

There are multiple SEO methods to use in order to boost your website popularity, revenue, and traffic. One of the most important thing to do regarding search engine optimization is to analyze your competitors’ websites. Another important SEO element is to know how to boost your WordPress website which has… Read More »

how to migrate joomla to wordpress

How to Migrate Your Joomla Website to WordPress

Often people want to migrate from a content management to another one, but almost always there is a big problem: the lack of technical knowledge. In this article, I will offer you instructions step by step to migrate from Joomla content management system to WordPress content management system. First, you… Read More »

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