Starting a Successful Email Campaign for Free with MailChimp

MailChimp is a free web-based service used by a lot of people because it offers the great opportunity to send emails to a list of subscribers only using an account.

You can create a free MailChimp account on their official website by pressing the Sign up button. Here you need to write your information such as name, password and email together with a CAPTCHA code in order to verify that you are a human being and not an automated software.

After you successfully wrote your information, you need to check your email and press the activation button in order to confirm the activation of your account. You will be redirected to a new page where you need to enter information about your business such as address, name and so on. Additionally, you need to write about yourself and you can add an avatar and a time zone.

Click on the complete button and start using the MailChimp. For the beginning, you should learn that you can import lists, create campaigns and see stats about your lists and campaigns.

To import and edit your lists of contacts you should just click the import the list and write the name of the list together with other important fields like email address and so on. You can always preview your contact information and update it if you need.

The next step is to choose from where you want to import contacts. You can import contacts from CSV file which is the easiest way, from TXT file, Excel file, and multiple different email tools. To import contact from CSV you just need to write the name in the first column, the family name in the second one and the email address in the third on in Microsoft Excel. Next, you should save it as CSV file and import into MailChimp. Here you can match each column for a specific type of data such as name, surname and email address in order to have a proper and well-configured list.

After you finished the import you can see a list of subscribers together with a counter representing the number of contacts you have. Also, you can see things such as email address, name and family name for each contact from your list.

To create an email campaign you just need to go at campaigns and create one by writing the name and selecting a type of campaign. The HTML one is the most used and flexible one letting you use videos, buttons, social media, text, and images together with links in your newsletter.

Once you selected the type of your email you can select if you want to send the campaign to your entire list or just a part of it. Do not forget to also write and email subject and to check to see if your contact details are ok. You can also set up options for tracking, social media and so on.

Now you can select a layout for your newsletter campaign. You can choose either the first type which is a basic one and offers you the possibility to move elements using the drag and drop function. With this function you can place and position each element however you like or you can use the already made layouts were you can only change the content: text and images by clicking on each element. Also, there are available recent layouts which you have used and saved layouts if you have any of them.

When you edit the content you will use a Word-like editor so it will easy to add a link, a list, and other text elements. You can now check if everything is ok and next you should look especially for yellow exclamation points if there are any of them. If there are you should definitely find a way to resolve them because you cannot send your emails to your list.

In the end, you can send yourself a test email or you can preview it and see how it will look on mobile displays such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and phablets or desktop displays such as computers and laptops. The last step is to click send and then your campaign will start.

You can delete, replicate or rename a campaign at any time you want and also you can see reports going to the reports tab. Here are available statistics about your campaign such as how many contacts opened your newsletter, how many contacts clicked on a link from your newsletter and so on. You can also add manually contacts by going at lists and writing down their email, name and family name.

Basically, you can edit layouts just by using any text editor like Notepad, or some HTML editor like Notepad++ or even web programming software like Adobe Dreamweaver. You just need either a programmer or to have programming skills such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Additionally, you can use the TINYMCE editor which resembles with the Microsoft Office Word and which is actually a WYSIWYG editor (What You See is What You Get).

You can always integrate MailChimp by going at forms and creating a newsletter form. MailChimp will offer you the source code and you can copy and paste it where you want on your website. You can also use it as a widget or as primary content for a page.

You can always integrate also Campaign Monitor in the same way as MailChimp. The most import thing is to have an account and to start the integration process.

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