How to Migrate Your Joomla Website to WordPress

Often people want to migrate from a content management to another one, but almost always there is a big problem: the lack of technical knowledge. In this article, I will offer you instructions step by step to migrate from Joomla content management system to WordPress content management system.

First, you should know a couple of things about both platforms. Joomla is usually used as a presentation website platform while WordPress has multiple purposes such as e-commerce, blog, business and even as a forum. You should also know that WordPress is the most popular CMS around the Internet while Joomla is the second most used platform. Even if there are similarities between them, they are very different being constructed in the same programming language: PHP, using additional HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code in order to have great layouts and functionalities. Other that both are content management systems and you can create users and content, there are no similarities between WordPress and Joomla.

After you research both platforms you should try and use one of the presented methods below to migrate from Joomla to WordPress.

Using Online Services to Migrate Your Website

If you have the proper sum of money you can always hire a team such as Migrate To WP team. They offer content migration services such as post, pages, tags, comments and users for $949 and the duration is three to four days; content migration plus initial site setup so they will install WordPress for you and migrate content for $1900 and a duration of one week; and full content and theme migration and design where they install and configure WordPress migrating all the things you have on the Joomla website for $4.500 with a duration of two to three weeks.

Also, if you want a cheaper team you can always rely on CMSTOWP team. They offer content migration and elegant theme for $299 if the Joomla website has up to 50 pages with the following specifications: mobile website, two weeks delivery time, money back guarantee, W3C valid XHTML and CSS, quality assurance and 24 hours live chat and email support. They can get you support for $50 including the free host, security scan, average task response time and backup or for $199 support and marketing boost for your new WordPress migrated website.

Guys from The Chip Merchant are offering the possibility to migrate from Joomla to WordPress using their engineers’ knowledge. So they can help you with WordPress installation and setup, Joomla template conversion, WordPress menu and widget configuration, WordPress plugin consultation, content transfer and with QA/ testing. Additionally, they offer services such as web design and web development, SEO and management services for your website.

With four steps, the Crush Labs team can migrate your Joomla website to WordPress by saving Search Engine Optimization. Also, they can offer you media management, mobile content, faster plugins, easy design updates and larger community together with the WordPress content management system. So they will convert all your articles, pages, images, categories, sections, multimedia, current Google Ranking, current search engine ranking, RSS Feed visitors and visitors with the following steps:  backup Joomla, install WordPress, transfer Joomla and brand WordPress.

Wordprax offers the possibility to convert your Joomla Website to WordPress. They already have more than 4500 customers and they guarantee that your new website will have a responsive template and it will be Search Engine Optimized. Also, your new website will be widget ready and versatility. All of these only for $18 per hour with the possibility to get back the money and with 24/7 technical support together with 100% confidentiality agreement. The company is rated 5 out of 5 and it is ISO 9001:2008 certified

CMigrator helps you to convert your website for $80 or $200 depending on the plan you choose.  They offer support and updates together with features such as Migration of posts, categories, pages and users keeping the relation between them and also migrating comments and users. They offer a control panel and documentation. Also, they are parsing the content and automatically analyze it so images will be moved too.

Using Plugins to Move Joomla to WordPress

You can always use the Users Migration Joomla to WordPress add-ons for Joomla to migrate users. This add-on is purchasable at CodeCanyon for $15. Even if it is so cheap nobody bought it yet, but the reason is that the add-on was created on 22 march 2016. It is compatible with IE8+, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and even the new browser from Microsoft named edge.  Its files include JavaScript, JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL. It can be used with Joomla 2.5+. You can select users option, status option, group option, name migrate, username migrate, password migrate, email migrate, registered date migrate and status migrate It is also compatible with WordPress 2+.

In this method, you will see an interesting way to have content by WordPress while you manage it with Joomla. All you need is to buy WordPress for Joomla for only $60, a script available at With this script, you will find the perfect match by mixing WordPress features with Joomla ones. You can show your content with WordPress for Joomla modules, you can migrate content from your old blog and all that you need is either Joomla 2.5 or Joomla 3+ together with PHP 5.2.4+ and MySQL 5.0.15+.

Wrapping up

In the end, you can choose what method you want as long as you have either the money or the technical knowledge to migrate your Joomla website to a WordPress website.

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