Articles & Tutorials: Web Hosting, Websites, Domain Names

If you are just starting out and want to learn more about web hosting and website building, this section is where you should start. Here you will find useful articles and tutorials both for beginners and advanced users, that will help you find a reliable host and get started with your online project. If you are looking for web hosting for a certain type of website, here you will definitely find the service you need.

best hosting for multiple domains websites

Best 7 Hosting for Multiple Domains

Whether you are a webmaster, developer, internet marketer or just looking to create more than one website, for sure you will need a hosting for multiple domains. If you are at the beginning you can choose a cheap shared hosting plan, which allows you to add-on multiple or even unlimited… Read More »

best woocommerce web hosting company

Best 5 WooCommerce Hosting Providers

I can say it with confidence that WooCommerce is one of the most popular ecommerce building platforms. WooCommerce is a free, open source plugin create for WordPress. It has been downloaded over 14 million times and is used by over 1 million websites. According to, WooCommerce is used by… Read More »

best java server pages jsp hosting providers

Best 5 JSP Web Hosting (Java Server Pages)

Often people confuse JavaScript with Java programming language, which is widely used open source computing platform. Many applications and websites will not run unless you have Java installed to your computer. Java is used in laptops, computers, servers, game consoles, cell phones and even cars. A very big part of… Read More »

best vps hosting providers

Best 5 VPS Hosting Providers

Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans are somewhere between shared and dedicated hosting. It is similar to shared hosting, because multiple VPS plans share the same physical server. VPS resembles to dedicated servers also because each plan has its own allocated server resources. Virtual Private Servers are mostly used by web… Read More »

best web hosting for musicians

Best 5 Hosting for Musicians & Bands Websites

As a musician, probably you already know that the music industry is a very competitive market. In the music business it is important to be good at what you are doing, but it is also important to get known. One of the best ways to advertise yourself or your music… Read More »

best personal web hosting providers

Best 5 Personal Web Hosting Companies

Whether you are looking to create a hobby website or a small blog for yourself, you will need web hosting. You can choose a free hosting service or you can purchase a cheap personal web hosting. Personally I don’t recommend using free hosting for any type of project, only if… Read More »

best shared hosting providers

Best 5 Shared Web Hosting Providers

Shared hosting is one of the most popular web hosting plans, because it is cost effective and offers all the necessary features that are needed to start a website. This hosting type is best for blogs and small business websites. Many hosting companies focuses on providing shared plans for their… Read More »

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